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Nigel Mills Coins and Antiquities

I have been an established dealer in coins and artefacts for 25 years specializing in excavated Western European metalwork and all English and Roman coins.

I attend most coin fairs in England selling a range of coins and antiquities. Everything is guaranteed genuine and is carefully scrutinized for imperfections.

I am always keen to purchase Celtic, Roman, Hammered coins, Sceats, Thrymsas, Scottish and Irish coins in fine or better condition. I am also interested in buying Celtic, Roman, Saxon, Viking, Medieval and Tudor artefacts in lead, bronze, silver or gold.

Contact Information
Nigel Mills, PO BOX 53126, London E18 1YR.
E-mail: nigelmills@onetel.com



Fairs ( 2013-01-10 )

We will attend the Midland Coin Fair Sunday the 13th of March 2016, at the National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

We will attend the Harrogate Coin Fair Friday the 18th and Saturday the 19th of March 2016, at The Old Swan in Harrogate

We will attend the Wakefield Coin Fair Sunday 27th of March 2016, at the Cedar Court Hotel In Wakefield

We will attend the Bloomsbury Coin Fair the 2nd of...

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Trajan denarius
( 160.00 )

Trajan (AD 98-117) silver denarius.
Laureate draped bust facing right.
Reverse is genius standing left, holding patera and corn ears.
Rome mint AD 116.
SEAR no 3149.
Condition is extremely fine, but struck slightly off centre. Details

Anglo-Saxon sceat
( 225.00 )

Silver sceat (c'710-760), series N.
Obverse is crested monster with head turned right.
Reverse is two figures standing holding spears.
Spink no 806
Condition is good fine, but slight porosity. Details

Aethelred II penny
( 290.00 )

Aethelred II (978-1016) silver penny, last small cross type.
Obverse is laureate bust facing left.
Reverse is small cross.
Moneyer Lifinc on Lincoln.
Spink no 1154.
Condition is about very fine but with slight crack to inner circle behind bust. There are Viking peck marks on both sides. Details

Elizabeth I groat
( 265.00 )

Elizabeth I (1558-1603) silver groat, 2nd issue.
Obverse crowned bust facing left.
Reverse is Royal shield over long cross.
Mint mark cross crosslet, 1560-61.
Spink no 2556.
Condition is very fine, but obverse is slightly double struck in the legend and is off centre. Details